Swell's GraphQL server provides flexibility for implementing frontend features like displaying products, managing carts, applying promotionss and discounts, and more. With GraphQL, you can choose the shape of data you want to return in a single request. For instance, when you fetch product data, GraphQL will return specific product fields that you’ve specified such as product id, name, slug, price, and currency.

  • Pre-load storefront pages by fetching specific products, categories, store settings, nav menus, and custom content ahead of time
  • Create, recover, and update accounts
  • Manage changes and statuses of shopping carts
  • Authenticate customers and allow them to edit account details, orders, and subscriptions
  • Format prices in localized currencies

Swell offers a GraphQL playground to test and optimize your queries. To use it, login to your dashboard and navigate directly to `https://<your_id>.swell.store/playground`.

Start by adding your public key to the HTTP Headers section.

Authorization header
  "Authorization": "pk_test..."