Use settings to make storefront apps responsive to admin preferences such as store name, locale, currency, etc. In addition to store properties described below, app-specific settings are included in the result set.

Methods to retrieve settings may return a promise if all settings haven't been loaded yet.

Returns the entire store settings object.

Get all settings
await swell.settings.get()

Returns a value from the store settings object using path notation, with an optional default if the value is undefined.

Get settings by path
await swell.settings.get('colors.primary.dark', '#000000')

Returns an object representing store settings, and saves it to an internal cache for accessing synchronously.

We recommend calling load() when initially loading a storefront so that all other calls to get() will be synchronous.

Load all settings
await swell.settings.load()

Use to retrieve settings that can affect checkout behavior.

Returns object with:

  • name - Store name
  • currency - Store base currency
  • support_email - Email address for customer support
  • fields - Set of checkout fields to show as optional or required
  • scripts - Custom scripts including script tags
  • accounts - Indicates whether account login is optional, disabled, or required
  • email_optin - Indicates whether email newsletter opt-in should be presented as optional
  • terms_policy - Store terms and conditions
  • refund_policy - Store refund policy
  • privacy_policy - Store privacy policy
  • theme - Checkout style settings
  • countries - List of two letter ISO country codes that have shipping zones configured
  • currencies - List of currencies enabled by the store when using multi-currency
  • payment_methods - List of active payment methods
  • coupons - Indicates whether the store has coupons
  • giftcards - Indicates whether the store has gift cards
Get checkout settings
await swell.cart.getSettings()