Swell is a next-generation ecommerce platform with a schema-driven API and customizable data models. It was created as a legitimate alternative to building your own commerce backend from scratch as well as for cases where you don’t want to glue together legacy platforms and a stack of 3rd-party apps.

Learn how to use the Swell CLI to manage and configure your Swell stores.

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Migrating ecommerce platforms is a big decision. Thanks to Swell's full-access Backend API, this can be done incrementally and at your own pace.

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Truly API-first

Swell was designed to be as flexible as building your own backend, so every model (including custom ones) has a full CRUD API layer.

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You should be in control of how your data and content are modeled, and it should be accessible as easily as if it was in your own database.

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Having a customizable API surface that is language-agnostic means you can adapt to new technologies, requirements, and business growth.

Check out some of our example repos to get a sense of what you can build with Swell. You can find more examples in our GitHub.

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