Vue is compatible with the Swell.js SDK—learn more about the Swell.js SDK with our Frontend API.

Nuxt is a popular, modern web development framework built with Vue.js. Its balance of performance and approachability is a core reason we chose it to build our first storefront theme. So whether you're looking to update your Swell-hosted storefront with our built-in editor or craft the newest ecommerce experience, you get the latest JAMstack experience with Swell and Nuxt.

Swell's Origin storefront theme is a comprehensive ecommerce starter kit built with Vue and Nuxt—making it a great starting point for anyone looking to use Vue/Nuxt for their storefront. This kit includes most core functionalities of an ecommerce site—with the flexibility to customize it as you see fit. Learn more about Origin →

Looking for a frontend solution using React? Pair React with our Swell.js SDK in order to build out your storefront. Learn more with our Frontend API.

Next.js is the leading React framework. We're currently developing a brand-new, subscription-focused storefront with Next.js and React—showcasing the power of a truly headless ecommerce backend that's combined with lightning-fast frameworks.

We've also released two developer starter kits built with Next.js, the Swell Next.js starter kit and the Swell-builder starter-kit, so you can get started building with Swell and Next.js.

Along with our Swell.js compatibility, there is a community-based source plugin for Swell and Gatbsy.

Swell does not manage or actively maintain this plugin.

We're constantly adding new libraries and developer kits. Even if you don't see your preferred technology listed above, rest assured that any Javascript framework can be used using our Swell.js SDK. This includes, but is not limited to the following frameworks:

  • Angular
  • Javascript
  • Svelte